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Chalvington Barns offers a comprehensive range of services to home owners, land owners and commercial property owners. All projects are carefully and sensitively reviewed to maximise the value of the land. Our experience and good reputation over 30 years is effectively deployed in our close working relationships with the planning authorities.


Various possibilities are available from outright purchase of land, fixed fee contract, promotional agreement and option/conditional contract.


Types Of Land Opportunity Contract

All subject to the individual contract for each project.


Option Agreement

Chalvington Barns would make a subject to planning offer for the purchase of the plot.  Chalvington Barns would fund all planning costs, all surveying/engineering costs, including all survey fees required by the local e.g. ecological surveys, tree surveys, highway surveys, etc.

When a satisfactory planning permission has been gained, which has no adverse conditions, Chalvington Barns would purchase the plot.


The benefit to the landowner is that there is no cash outlay – a legal agreement is all that is required.  Chalvington Barns can issue a template agreement for early consideration by the landowner to allow a clear understanding of the process.


Promotional Agreement

Chalvington Barns would carry out the planning stage at their expense for an agreed % fee of the final sale value.


Fixed Fee Contract

Chalvington Barns would charge a fee for all planning consultancy, architectural and engineering services etc, which would be invoiced on a monthly basis.


Outright Purchase

Chalvington Barns would purchase suitable plots for development.


Individual Agreement

All projects differ and a variety of solutions are available e.g. landowner retains ownership and meets all local authority fees and Chalvington Barns charge a reduced % fee.

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